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The most common places to find bed bugs 

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Bed Bug Blog

Bed bug bites are often deemed to be trivial, but this isn’t always the case. Not only can bed bugs ruin your stay at a location, but their bites can be itchy, painful and may even lead to further complications. Bet bug bites can be serious if there is an allergic reaction or infection. 

Understanding where bed bugs like to live could help you to address an issue before it becomes too serious. Outlined below are a few things to keep in mind. 

Looking in the seams of furniture 

Bed bugs tend to hide out in the seams of soft furniture for warmth. This includes in the seams of couches, cushions, pillows, quilts and even curtains. If you notice any dark spots or reddish stains on soft furnishings, it could be a sign of an infestation that needs to be dealt with. 

In cabinets and drawers 

While bed bugs like to live in soft furniture, they may also be found on wooden cabinets, drawers, tables and chairs. If you’re staying somewhere for the first time, it doesn’t hurt to open all of the drawers and cabinet doors to check for any signs of infestation. Again, you need to be on the lookout for dark spots in particular. 

In the corners of the room 

Bed bugs may also be found in the corners of a room where the ceiling and walls meet. Additionally, they can hide in door frames and even electrical appliances.

Bed bugs are adaptable and it’s important to thoroughly check a room before settling in. If you have been impacted by an infestation, there may be legal options open to you. Feel free to contact us here at Bed Bug Law to discuss these options in more detail.