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How to check for bedbugs in your hotel room

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2024 | Bed Bug Blog

When you book a hotel room, you expect quality services. Dealing with bed bugs is the last thing you envision. Unfortunately, hotels are hot spots for bed bug infestations. Thus, when you get to a hotel room, always place your bags on a luggage rack/in a clean bathtub or any place that’s difficult for bed bugs to access to check for these critters before settling in.

Here is how you can do this:

Check the bed

Look for cracks around the bed. If there are any, use a flashlight to check for live bed bugs, bed bug eggs, red or black stains or molted skin casings. Then, check the surface of the blankets and sheets for dark brown spots or dried blood.

Further, pay attention to the mattress. Use a credit card to examine the mattress seams and folds. If you notice adults, nymphs, eggs, dried blood or dark rusty brown stains that indicate bed bug droppings on the mattress or the folds, chances are the room is infested with bed bugs.

Don’t forget to lift the mattress to check underneath and unzip the encasement, as bed bugs may be hiding inside. Additionally, check all four corners of the mattress.

After inspecting the mattress, get down on your hands and knees, and with your flashlight, check for any cracks on the bed box to detect signs of live or dead bed bugs.

Examine upholstered furniture

If your room has upholstered furniture, inspect the seams, tufts and folds.

Check the curtains

Bed bugs can hide in curtains, especially those that are rarely disturbed. Thus, don’t skip examining the curtains.

If bed bugs bite you in a hotel room despite doing your best to check for them, contact an attorney to understand your options.