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Florida Bed Bug Infestation in Hotel Settlement

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2017 | Blog, Resolved Cases

There are few places where bed bugs infest quite like in hotels.  Florida hotels are a major hot spot for bed bug infestations.  In a recent case settled by the team at, a woman traveled for a short weekend getaway and to visit a friend.  Our client selected a hotel on Miami Beach and paid extra due to the name and location of the hotel.  This client had never experienced a bed bug infestation.

Hotel Bed Bug Infestations

While getting settled into the hotel room, our client put her bag on the bed and started to unpack.  Our client headed to the hotel pool to relax and have a drink.  After  few hours in the hot sun, our client returned to her room for a shower and a nap.  Upon waking, our client noticed dozens of raised red bumps down the side of her body and on her shoulder.  These bites were extremely itchy and painful.  Having never experienced anything like this, our client did not think about bed bugs as the possible culprit.  She thought it was likely mosquitoes or a reaction to chlorine in the pool.  It as not until she googled her symptoms did she think it was a bed bug infestation.

Search your room for Bed Bugs

After determining that she may be the victim of a bed bug attack, our client began her search of the room.  Common placed for bed bugs to hide are in beds, mattresses, box springs, head boards, underneath beds and even chairs or couches in the room.

During the search of the room, our client found dozens of live bugs and fecal spotting underneath the bed and couches in the room.  Horrified, she took photos and ran down to hotel management to make a report.  Our client was scared that she may contract an illness so she sought medical treatment.  Thankfully, bed bugs are not known carriers for disease.  Unfortunately, our client ended up with scars on her arms and shoulders as a result of the bites.

Contact Bed Bug Attorney for a Case Evaluation

Our client was fortunate to have the foresight to take pictures of the bugs and preserve evidence of the infestation.  When our office contacted the hotel to file a claim, the hotel denied the presence of bed bugs in the room.  Due to the detailed photos, medical records and incident report, our attorneys were able to build a strong case of liability.  Due to the permanent scarring on our client, we were able to secure a significant settlement which included payment for pain, suffering, medical expenses and property damage.