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Can You Sue a Destin, Florida Hotel for Bed Bug Injuries?

by | May 9, 2021 | Bed Bug Blog

Here at Bed Bug Law, we understand the links between tourism in areas and the increased chance of encountering a bed bug infestation. Destin, Florida is one of those places that see a large amount of tourists every year. According to, the amount of tourists that visit the city are in the tens of thousands a year. Unfortunately, with high amounts of tourists comes with an increased risk of encountering bed bugs at a Destin, Florida hotel. If you are staying at Destin, Florida hotel and found what you think are bed bugs, this blog post will help you identify your next steps in determining if you actually have a bed bug problem in your room. And, you may have a chance in suing a Destin, Florida hotel for bed bug injuries.

Can You Sue a Destin, Florida Hotel for Bed Bug Injuries?

Identifying Bed Bugs in Your Destin Hotel Room

Bed bugs can be easily confused for other types of insects and it’s important to understand and confirm your suspicions. Bed bugs primarily feed on human blood to survive and they can be found in beds waiting to feed while you are sleeping. Before continuing your investigation in your hotel room, familiarize yourself with this diagram that shows the various stages of life of a bed bug –

Can You Sue a Destin, Florida Hotel for Bed Bug Injuries?

Using the diagram, we will want to confirm a bed bug infestation in your Destin, Florida hotel room. First, grab a flashlight or use the flashlight function on many popular cellphones like the iPhone, then turn off the lights. Strip your bed of any linens or other material and closely inspect the mattress. If you see any dark-red stains, these could be left over blood from bed bugs feeding, but you will definitely want to confirm your suspicious by finding a bed bug.

If you have not found any in your bed, you will want to look in other dark, un-lit areas within your room such as behind artwork, or in cabinets and cupboards. Found bed bugs? Take photos and video of them as well as attempt to capture them and place them into a very secure container as this will be important should you want to claim compensation.

Notify Destin, Florida Hotel Management

If you have found bed bugs, it’s time to notify the management team at your hotel. When you confront them with the issue, make sure you clearly take notes of whom you spoke with along with any information that would be relevant, should you want to collect compensation for your suffering from bed bugs.

Contacting a Bed Bug Attorney for Compensation

Bed bug infestations at a hotel can cause many problems including bringing bed bugs home with you as well as mental and physical suffering. Bed Bug Law, a leading Bed Bug Attorney law firm may be able to help you claim compensation for the bed bug injuries you have suffered while staying at Destin, Florida hotel.  The best part about working with us is that we do not charge any fees or have any costs unless we win your case!

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