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Can You Sue a Las Vegas Hotel for Bed Bugs?

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Bed Bug Blog

We get this question a lot – Can you sue a Las Vegas hotel for bed bugs? Yes, you can! Here at Bed Bug Law, we represent individuals and their families who have suffered as a result of bed bug infestations in Las Vegas hotels. Many attractions like the awesome magic shows, the beautifully designed hotels attract a significant amount of tourists to the city every year.

With Las Vegas becoming a huge destination for travelers as travel rates increase from the pandemic, according to, there’s a larger risk for bed bugs. Las Vegas hotels need to take special care to ensure they are dealing with bed bugs as infestations can affect their guests mentally, physically and emotionally. When bed bugs bite, they can leave large itchy red welts all over your body that can cause significant discomfort. In this blog post, we’ll go over how you can identify and confirm a bed bug issue in your Las Vegas hotel room.

Can You Sue a Las Vegas Hotel for Bed Bugs?

How to Identify Bed Bugs in Your Las Vegas Hotel Room

Bed bugs can easily confused for other types of insects. Even they though they are called bed bugs, they also can be found in other areas of your hotel room. Bed bugs vary significantly based on their age and whether they have fed in the past. You might be asking, what do they feed on? They feed on human blood while you are sleeping and are incredibly efficient at it. Before continuing your investigation, familiarize yourself with the following diagram –

Can You Sue a Las Vegas Hotel for Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can typically be found in dark areas of a hotel room that do not receive much light like cabinets, drawers and closets. However, they are primarily found in beds within the mattress and mattress linens. To get started, grab your cell phone with the flashlight function and turn off all of the lights in your hotel room. Strip your bed of any linens, comforters or mattresses. Closely inspect the ridges and linings of the mattresses for bugs looking like those shown in the above picture. Also, check those areas mentioned above that do not receive much light. Bed bugs also leave bloody residue in dark, red stains in the mattress when they feed.

If you encounter any bed bugs or see any bloody residue, make sure to take as many photos and video of them as possible. If you are comfortable, take the photos/video of the bed bugs in their original location then capture them in a VERY secure container.

Contacting Hotel Management

Once you have identified bed bugs in your Las Vegas hotel room, it’s important to notify hotel management. You can usually get in touch with them at the front desk. Before you start your interactions with them, make sure you are ready to provide those photos/videos, have notes on who you spoke with (include their titles and contact information) and be ready to start documenting it. If they offer you any compensation, make sure to notate that as well. These are important factors that will need to be considered in proving your case.

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