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Hiring a Lawyer for Bed Bugs Found in a New Orleans Hotel

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Bed Bug Blog

Did you know? According to, New Orleans received 18.51 million travelers in 2018. With a great music culture and sights, there’s plenty of reasons to visit New Orleans. Unfortunately, with the rise of visitors to New Orleans comes also the risk of bed bug infestations in New Orleans hotels. Travelers can bring in bed bugs from their own homes, furniture and cause widespread infestations in a hotel room.

However, hotels in New Orleans have a responsibility to ensure that their guests are safe and free from bed bug infestations. In this blog post by Bed Bug Law, we’ll go over how to confirm a bed bug infestation in your hotel room and what steps to take.

Hiring a Lawyer for Bed Bugs Found in a New Orleans Hotel

Identifying Bed Bugs in Your New Orleans Hotel Room

Before starting your investigation, it’s imperative to understand how bed bugs survive and continue to infest New Orleans hotel rooms. Bed bugs feed on human blood for nourishment, so you should expect to find bed bugs in areas that allow them to feed conveniently. You can typically find bed bugs in beds, pillows, comforters and other areas within the bed as they will most likely come out while you are sleeping. When they feed, they typically leave blood stains and will leave large red welts all over your body where they feed. The outward appearance of bed bugs can also vary significantly based on their age which can be seen below –

Hiring a Lawyer for Bed Bugs Found in a New Orleans Hotel

Bed bugs can also be found in areas where there isn’t much light seen which includes furniture, behind artwork and other areas. When you start your inspection, make sure to have your smartphone available so that you can take photos and videos as this will be important to prove your case.

First, turn off all the lights in your New Orleans hotel room, then strip your bed of any linens. Closely inspect the ridges of your bed for any blood stains or instances of bed bugs as shown above. If you have suffered injuries like those red welts mentioned previously, make sure to take clear photos of your injuries and indicate where they are on your body. If you have confirmed a bed bug infestation in your New Orleans hotel room, attempt to capture them in a very secure container and take pictures of that as well. Now, it’s now a good idea to inform the management team at the hotel.

Contact New Orleans Hotel Management

Next, you will want to contact hotel management at that New Orleans hotel. Be prepared to take notes and details around whom you spoke with (title, contact information, etc.). Then, we would recommend typing the details up in your notes including the length of your stay, the start and end dates, when you first noticed the bed bugs. These are all important steps that you will want to take should you want to pursue legal action.

Who is Bed Bug Law, the New Orleans Bed Bug Lawyers?

Bed Bug Law is a bed bug legal group that is dedicated to representing victims who have suffered as a result of bed bugs in New Orleans. Bed Bug Law has significant experience and expertise in fighting bed bug legal cases. We know that bed bugs can cause physical and emotional harm and we are here to hold the appropriate parties responsible for your harm.

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