What to Do After Finding Bed Bugs in a St. Cloud, FL Hotel

St. Cloud, Florida is known for being adjacent to Orlando in which many theme parkers, tourists and travelers visit. Because of the close proximity to Orlando, many find great deals in hotels whom see hundreds of thousands of travelers a year. Unfortunately, Bed bugs are a big problem when they are found in St. Cloud, Florida hotels.

Because these hotels see such a large amount of visitors, many bed bug infestations start with travelers bringing bed bugs through their luggage to a St. Cloud hotel. So what do you do if you find bed bugs while staying at a St. Cloud hotel? What do bed bugs look like? In this blog post, Bed Bug Law will talk through what you should do next after finding bed bugs.

What to Do After Finding Bed Bugs in a St. Cloud, FL Hotel

How to Identify Bed Bugs in a St. Cloud Hotel

It’s important to be able to identify bed bugs before beginning your investigation in your hotel room. Bed bugs feed on human blood to survive and the most convenient place for them to feed is in the bed. You will want to strip your bed of any linens and closely inspect the mattress. Bed bugs will most likely feed while you are sleeping and leave large red welts all over your body. Bed bugs also typically hide in areas that don’t receive much light in your room like behind artwork.

If you suspect bed bugs or have been bitten by bed bugs, you should conduct a full inspection after understanding the various stages of a bed bug in this photo –

What to Do After Finding Bed Bugs in a St. Cloud, FL Hotel

Found Bed Bugs?

If you have found bed bugs, make sure you take as many photos or videos as you can. If you are comfortable, capture the bed bugs in a secure container that can be seen.

After confirming bed bugs in your hotel room, you will want to contact the management team at your St. Cloud, Florida hotel. Inform them of the situation and take clear notes about who you spoke with and what they specifically said or what they may have offered you. Being bitten by bed bugs can cause long-term mental and emotional problems, so you should contact a Bed Bug Attorney.

Contact a St. Cloud Bed Bug Attorney Like Bed Bug Law

Bed Bug Law is a law firm dedicated to representing those who have suffered as a result of bed bug injuries. If you have suffered from bed bugs, you should contact the attorneys at Bed Bug Law. Bed Bug Law does not charge any fees or have any costs unless they win your case. The best part is that we offer a COMPLETELY FREE Case Evaluation by filling out the “Do I Have a Case?” form. We look forward to hearing from you!

2 thoughts on “What to Do After Finding Bed Bugs in a St. Cloud, FL Hotel”

  1. A friend of mine recently purchased an RV for me to live in on his property. Upon moving in I started itching and mention to my friend / landlord that I suspected bed bugs. He laughed it off and told me to stop tripping. About two weeks later I was cleaning and I noticed it was a lot of orange water spots in the seams of the wallpaper. I ran the vacuum over the edges of the walls and there they were!! This rv is infested. My question is , can I sue the person who sold us this rv? He had to have know there were bedbugs here. Its literally 8nfested

  2. Jessie, that sounds like a difficult situation. A lot would depend on the contract to purchase the RV. It is possible that your friend purchased it “as is” without any warranties. Check the purchase contract and you can reach out to the seller. Private sales of recreational vehicles are like the sale of any other vehicle, they need to be registered and insured. The insurance on the vehicle might have coverage for this type of scenario. Check with your insurance agent as well.

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