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Our bed bug lawyers have helped people nationwide that have been bitten by bed bugs while staying at a hotel. Select a hotel brand below to view bed bug complaints, post a bed bug complaint, and learn about our experience about helping people that have been bitten at any of these hotels.

Please keep in mind that each hotel is different and just because one hotel has bed bugs it does not mean every hotel of the same brand has bed bugs. Posting your bed bug complaints helps to provide hotels with notice of their condition and hopefully prevents further harm to any other guest. Contact any of our bed bug attorneys for a free consultation if you have been bitten by bed bugs.

If you don’t see a specific hotel listed below, please post a comment below and let us know what you would like to learn about. Our bed bug lawyers will respond to your questions and feedback.

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8 thoughts on “Hotel Bed Bug Complaints”

  1. I am staying at HAPPY Days hotel for awhile when I kept feeling things crawling on me but never forgot anything I knew A man that had moved three times because of bed bugs I called him over and he looked and found them I called Mike fudge the owner he tried to blame me I never seen one I have PTSD severe depression and anxiety he didn’t move me to another room I bought stuff to spray and put some in a ziploc back and have pictures of them on mattress so I have a case he needs to be shut down I’m having a nervous breakdown please help

  2. Timothy, thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law. To better assist you, please either call us or visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of evaluating your potential claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  3. I was a guest at the Pines Resort in Bass Lake California as was bitted by bed bugs. When I made the complaint the day time manager couldn’t do anything without contacting her manager. In other words all we got was a change of sheets and a vacuum of the mattress. How ever I still continued to get bites. I took pictures of my bites and dropping and bugs.

  4. Arlene, if you have encountered bed bugs at a resort or hotel in California, please visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Take clear photos of the bed bugs, the mattress and your bed bug bites. Hotels are responsible for keeping their rooms clean and safe for people to stay in them without being injured. Once we receive your photos and other information, we can begin the process of evaluating and assisting you in filing a claim. Thank you for visiting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  5. My name is Bernie home’s we’re staying at the French Village in Fairview Heights Illinois the person in my room got bit by bed bugs and we took a video of a live bed bug and pictures of his bites and pictures of the room and all of our belongings in there we’ve been here for about 10 days now we are paid in full until August 18th of 2020 were demanding a refund and we went to the office with our findings and we asked for a new room and a refund and they refuse to do anything and told us that we need to go back to our room and come back at 9 after somebody else got here my number is 618-985-7850

  6. Brittany, Thank you for contacting We represent people injured by bed bugs in hotels and motels. Please visit our intake link at to answer the questionnaire, upload photos and videos of your injuries and of the bed bugs you have seen in the room. We will review the information provided and contact you to provide a free case evaluation. Do make sure that you isolate all of your personal belongings before bringing them back into your home. The risk of infesting your home after visiting a bed bug infested hotel is very high. You can place your items in a plastic bag and tied air tight and leave them outside for several days so the heat will kill any living bed bugs and their eggs. Then you will want to wash and dry your clothes at the highest temperature your washing machine and dryer will allow. Experts will tell you that heat is the best way to kill bed bugs. Sprays and chemicals are not full measures. Thank you again for contacting us and we will be in touch as soon as we receive your photos and additional information about your experience at the French Village Hotel in Illinois.

  7. I need help me an my boyfriend was staying at Quality Suites North /Galleria Tx116. We got bit by bed bug . We thought that we were bit by much skeeters around 2:00 in the morning I was scratching he was scratching and we jumped up turn the light on and found these on our body and then we turned the light off got our cell phone camera and took pictures of you little shells on the bed that’s how we knew they were bed bugs that had tore up our body all night long I have never experienced anything like this before my wife was traveling and my boyfriend is a retired social so this was very upsetting to both of us and we want to know what can we do about it.

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