Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Super 8

The Super 8 Motel chain is the biggest budget hotel chain in the world. Today, Super 8 is a subsidiary of the Wyndham Hotel company. Super 8 has hotels in the U.S., Canada and in China.

If you have stayed at many Super 8s, you know that the quality of your experience can vary considerably from location to location. Of course, as far as bed bugs go, the quality of the Super 8 does not always guarantee that bed bugs will not be present. Bed bugs can be found in the most expensive hotels as well as the cheapest.

How To Know If Bed Bugs Are In Your Room

Given how bed bugs have spread across the country, it only makes sense to check your room before you lay down to go to sleep. Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, which means you should be able to spot them if you do a thorough search of their most common hiding places.

Bed bugs are usually found wedged in the seams of the mattress, behind the headboard, under the mattress, and in the furniture of the room. They also hide behind the baseboards along the wall. When night comes, they come out to feed.

If you wake up with itchy welts on your body, chances are you were bitten. Bed bug bites usually resemble mosquito bites, although people can have more severe reactions.

Determining If You Have A Case

If you think you have been bitten by bed bugs in a Super 8, you should take pictures of your injuries and try to see if you can find evidence of bed bugs in the room. You can also talk to people in rooms near yours to see if they were bitten.

If you find bed bugs, you should contact the hotel management immediately. Ideally, you should stay at a different hotel, but if you have no other option then you can move to another part of the hotel. Just make sure you search for bed bugs before settling in.

The only way to know for certain if you have a viable bed bug case is to talk to an attorney that knows bed bug cases. An attorney can help to determine if the Super 8 owner or staff acted negligently, leading to your injuries.

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