Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Fort Myers Hotel

When you decided to travel to Fort Myers, Florida, bed bugs in Fort Myers were probably the last thing on your mind. You may have been going for pleasure. You may have been going for business. Whatever your reason, you were not looking to be attacked by parasites. Unfortunately, you found out that bed bugs can show up anywhere – even beautiful Fort Myers.

Hotels, motels and vacation rentals in Fort Myers are supposed to protect guests from bed bugs. If you think that your hotel did not protect you, you may be able to take legal action. Our bed bug law team is ready to listen to your story. We can help you pursue a Fort Myers vacation rental bed bug case. Please contact us to learn more.

Bed bugs can hide in mattresses and other furniture

Bed Bugs In Fort Myers – What To Do

Not all bed bug attacks at hotels and vacation rentals are caused by negligence. Sometimes bed bugs surprise everyone, owners and management included. But there are also times when owners and management are aware of a problem. They may know that an infestation already exists. Or they may know that a problem could develop.

Negligence happens when owners or management fail in their duty to protect guests. One example is when they are told about a bed bug problem, but do nothing about it. Another example is when they know about bed bugs and try to exterminate the pests on their own. Any hotel owner knows that bed bugs need to be professionally exterminated. But some try to save money by doing it themselves.

Hotel owners and vacation rental owners have to be very careful with bed bugs. They have to take measures to prevent them from harming guests. When they don’t do their duty, innocent people get hurt.

Your Next Steps After Finding Bed Bugs In Fort Myers

There are some steps that every bed bug attack victim should take. These include:

  • Get medical care. Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites. If you think that you are having a severe reaction, you should seek medical care before anything else. There are things that can be done to lessen your discomfort and protect your health.
  • Take pictures. You can use your phone to take pictures of your injuries and any evidence of bed bugs. The pictures you take can be used by your attorney in your case. Be sure to take pictures of everything you think would be useful in the case – especially any evidence of bed bugs you find.
  • Search for bed bug evidence. Your bed bug bites mean that the room has bed bugs in it somewhere. You need to find them if you can. Start by searching the bed, top to bottom. Pull off the sheets. Look at the mattress. Pay attention to the seams. Pull the bed out and look behind the headboard. Take the mattress off the bed and search the frame. Take pictures of any evidence you find.
  • Get out of the room. After you have gotten all the evidence you can from the room, leave. Bed bugs may attack you again if you stay the night. They may have also made their way into your luggage. They may be on your clothes. You will need to look over everything you took into the room to find stowaways. You can also wash all your things using hot water in a washing machine to kill bed bugs.
  • Talk to other guests. Ask guests staying in rooms near yours if they have bed bugs. Get contact information.

Help With Fort Myers Bed Bug Injuries

Let our bed bug law team help you get compensation for your injuries. Please contact us now to get started on your case.