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Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America is a publicly traded hotel owner and operator of hotels across the country. The hotel chain primarily focuses on guests that want to stay for more than the typical 2 to 3 nights. Extended Stay America owns and operates more than 700 hotels consisting of more than 75,000 rooms across the United States and Canada. Within their umbrella of properties, Extended Stay America owns Homestead Studio Suites, Hometown Inn, Extended Stay Deluxe, Studio Plus and Crossland Economy Studios to name a few. Bed bugs in Extended Stay America can be found and you should inspect your room.

Bed Bugs Claims In Extended Stay America

Most of the Extended Stay America’s properties are insured by American Insurance Group, also known as AIG. Normally, Extended Stay America reports bed bug claims to AIG within a reasonable time frame and shortly thereafter an AIG representative contacts one of our bed bug lawyers. From our law firm’s experience, Extended Stay America is careless in following their procedures and policies when it comes to the inspection for bed bugs at some of their properties. There are very few law firms, if any, that can match our experience of handling claims against Extended Stay America and their insurance carrier.

Resources For Finding Bed Bugs In Extended Stay America

We have a portion of our website dedicated to potential guests or guests that have stayed at an Extended Stay America and want to share their experience about bed bugs in Extended Stay America or learn about prior guests experiences. We fight every day to protect the rights of people injured by bed bugs, but there is a lot that can be learned from individuals sharing their experiences with others. Feel free to read the comments or post a comment below. Our bed bug lawyers will respond to comments posted. We welcome you to watch our video about bed bugs and Extended Stay America featuring attorney Grant Schwarz.

Most victims of bed bug attacks wait until they hear back from a hotel or the hotel’s insurance carrier and in turn end up hurting their case. It is best to get a lawyer involved early with a bed bug claim rather than wait for a denial or say or do something that may damage your claim.

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