Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Airbnb And Vrbo

If you are like most people, the last place you expect to find bed bugs in an Airbnb while on vacation. You know that bed bugs show up in hotels and motels, but they can also show up in people’s homes. There are a variety of ways that bed bugs can make their way into a home — especially an apartment complex. Apartment residents, condominium residents and even single-family home residents can all discover bed bugs in their homes. Airbnb’s are simply a person’s home they choose to rent out to travelers. Even more concerning is the fact that most owners do not have strict or effective pest control protocols.

Bed Bug Infestations In Airbnb Apartments, Condominiums And Homes

Bed bugs get around. If you find them in your home, they could have gotten their in a variety of ways. These include:

  • In luggage: Bed bugs will often hop a ride in the luggage of a traveler. Once the traveler gets to a new destination, the bed bug will hop out and set up a colony in the new location.
  • On clothing: Bed bugs will also ride on clothing. Again, when they get to a new area that seems comfortable, they will leave the clothing and try to set up a colony.
  • From nearby rooms: If you live in a complex where you are attached to other homes, like in an apartment or condo, bed bugs could travel from one home to another.
  • In furniture: One of the most common ways bed bugs move into a home is through used furniture. That free or cheap couch you found on Craigslist may be carrying bed bugs, so check it before bringing it into your home.

How To Detect Bed Bugs In An Airbnb Or Vrbo

If you suspect you have bed bugs in your Airbnb or Vrboo, you should be able to detect them if you search. Tips for detecting bed bugs include:

  • Check your bed. If you woke up with bed bug bites, chances are they are in or around your bed. Use a flashlight to search every nook and cranny on your bed, including the mattress, sheets, frame and headboard. You will need to look at the top, bottom, seems and anywhere else they could hide.
  • Check your sheets. You may find bed bugs on your sheets, or their waste. Bed bug waste looks like rust-colored flecks.
  • Check your furniture. Bed bugs also like furniture, so pull out all the cushions, check the seams and be very thorough.
  • Check your baseboards. They can also hide in the baseboards along the walls.

How To Tell If You Were Bitten By Bed Bugs

Bed bug bites usually look like mosquito bites in size and shape. Everyone reacts differently to the bites. You may only see raised red spots, or you may itch violently. Typically the bites itch. They may appear in a row as the bug fed repeatedly in a line.

What To Do If There Are Bed Bugs In An Airbnb

  • Talk to management. If you live in an apartment, you should contact management immediately. They should have procedures in place to address infestations and keep them from spreading.
  • Call an exterminator. Even though you do not own the property. It may be a good idea to have a professional pest control expert come and inspect the property before you leave. Without confirmation that bed bugs are the cause of your injuries, it is difficult to file a claim.
  • See a doctor. If you are having serious reactions to the bites, get medical care.

Do You Have An Airbnb Or Vrbo Bed Bug Case?

Depending on your circumstances, you may have the option of taking legal action based on your injuries. If your apartment management was negligent and it lead to your infestation, you might have a case. Or, if you know that the bed bugs came from a hotel or motel that you stayed at, you might also have a case. The best way to determine your options is to speak to a bed bug attorney.

Please contact us now to determine if you have a bed bug injury claim.