Bed Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Wyndham Hotel

When you stay at a Knights Inn or a Days Inn, you may not realize it, but you are staying in a hotel that is part of the Wyndham Hotel Group. Wyndham owns 15 different hotel chains that serve people in the U.S. and in other countries. Wyndham Hotels include Baymont Inn & Suites, Dolce, Hawthorn Suites, Howard Johnson’s, Ramada and more.

Whether you are staying in a higher end hotel like Wyndham, or a more budget friendly option like Days Inn, you are always at risk of being attacked by bed bugs. These pests can infest any hotel or motel room, no matter how expensive the hotel.

Looking For Bed Bugs

If bed bugs are in your hotel room, chances are you can spot them if you know where to look. The pests prefer the dark, and will usually be found under the sheets at the edges of the mattress, behind the headboard, under the mattress, in the furniture or behind the baseboards along the wall. Turn on all the lights, and grab a flashlight – your phone’s will work – and scan all the areas mentioned before you start to unpack.

If you are bit by bed bugs you will know it by the next day. The bites usually swell like mosquito bites and itch in much the same way. Some people have more severe reactions, so keep close track of how you are feeling. Some victims react so strongly that they get lightheaded and even pass out. If you believe you are having a severe reaction, seek medical care.

Knowing If You Have A Claim

Not every bed bug attack warrants a lawsuit. In fact, if you cannot prove negligence on the part of the hotel owner or manager – acting in a way that led to your injuries – you do not have a viable case. Your injuries need to be significant enough as well to make the lawsuit worthwhile. Keep in mind that injuries can include a lot of elements, such as medical bills, lost wages, pest control expenses, mental distress, discarded possessions and more.

It is always worthwhile to document your injuries and the evidence of bed bugs if you have been attacked, as your attorney can use that evidence in your case. Take pictures of your injuries and of any bed bugs you can find. Keep track of your expenses, medical care and anything else related to the attack.

Contact Us To Learn More About Your Legal Options

Please contact our team as soon as possible and tell us your story. Once we know what happened, we can tell you if you have a case.