Bed Bug Bites in Miami Hotels

The city of Miami serves not only as a major Florida tourist destination but as a hub for travel across the globe. With countless travelers vacationing and passing through, bed bug infestations in Miami hotels are inevitable. And while many hotels will be vigilant in their efforts to eliminate infestations and protect guests, some will not.
If you were unfortunate enough to be attacked by bed bugs in an Orlando hotel, you should be aware of your legal rights. Many bed bug bite in Miami hotel victims are able to take legal action against irresponsible hotel staff and hotel owners to get much-deserved compensation. Your injuries have caused you considerable discomfort. A successful lawsuit can help you set things right and get you money for your injuries.

Bed Bug Bites in Miami Hotels

It can seem remarkable to many bed bug injury victims that a hotel owner or manager would allow guests to be attacked. To understand how such a situation can happen, it is helpful to know more about how hotel infestations work.

Bed bugs like to travel

Bed bugs are some of the world’s greatest traveling parasites. They definitely like to set up a home in the beds of their victims, where they breed and form colonies. But the offspring from these colonies do not always choose to stick around. Instead, they wander into the clothing and the luggage of those nearby. When the luggage goes from the infested site to a new area, the bed bug hops off and tries to make a new home.

Hotels are an ideal destination for bed bugs. They can come in from numerous starting points and make a home that guarantees good feeding for them and their offspring.

Bed bugs are hard to kill

The body of a bed bug is surprisingly tough. It can stand up to more abuse than many other types of insects, especially the standard insecticides that you can pick up at the hardware store. When a hotel manager or owner decides to take on the job of extermination themselves, it rarely goes well. The manager goes to the store, picks up some inexpensive insecticide and applies it in the room. The application might irritate the bed bugs. They may go into hiding for a while. It may even kill some of the bugs, which makes the manager feel like he or she was successful. But they always come back.

Bed Bug Bites in Miami Hotels

The only trustworthy way to eliminate bed bugs is to bring in an exterminator or trained professional who knows how to treat bed bugs. Even the exterminator may have to make repeated attempts to completely eliminate the infestation. There are a variety of tested and proven methods of eliminating bed bugs, unfortunately for guests, hotels do not always use proper methods.

Some hotel owners/managers like to cut corners and ca

Any hotel owner or manager with an ounce of experience will know how important it is to hire an exterminator to treat an infestation. The problem is that some of these individuals are more interested in saving money than saving guests from parasite attacks. It may be wishful thinking, or it may be pure negligence. The end result is the same. When hotel owners and managers take half measures to kill bed bugs, it is always the hotel guests that ultimately suffer.

How to Move Forward with a Bed Bug Lawsuit

If you are reading this information on Miami hotel bed bug bites, chances are you have already run into bed bugs in your own hotel. Your bites may be painful. The fact that you were attacked is of course upsetting. Your vacation was most likely ruined. So, what do you do next?

The first thing to do—if you are still in the hotel—is to take pictures of any evidence of bed bugs. Also, take pictures of your injuries. Then contact a bed bug lawyer.

Please get in touch with our bed bug law team today to learn more about your legal options as a bed bug attack victim.