Bed Bugs in Daycare Centers and Child Care Centers

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When choosing a daycare center for children, parents are careful to find a location that can be trusted. Bed Bugs in Daycare Centers and Child Care Centers  Parents want to make sure that the child is going to be properly cared for.  Parents will often interview several facilities before choosing one.  After all, our children are our most precious possessions.  Unfortunately, no matter how ideal a daycare center may appear there is still a chance that children can be exposed to bed bugs. The nature of bed bugs is that they can show up anywhere people frequent – including daycare centers.

Why Bed Bugs Appear in a Daycare Center?

Your child’s daycare facility having bed bugs does not make you a bad parent.  Bed bugs are notorious for making their way into places that few would expect.   These unlikely places include luxury hotels, high-end apartments, high-tech work environments and even daycare centers.  Once bed bugs take hold in a location, it is very difficult to remove them.

Bed bugs are capable of infesting so many places because of the way they migrate to new locations.  When a bed bug nest is established in a room, bed bugs will wander into most of the dark places in the room.  Bed bugs make their way into clothing, under the trim on the walls, into the bed and furniture.  A daycare center will often contain dozens or hundreds of hiding places for bed bugs.  Daycare centers often have buckets of toys, cabinets, desks, chairs and mattresses for the children to take naps.  Mattresses should be meticulously cleaned and monitored every day to ensure they are safe for children.  Failure to maintain the daycare center is a serious breach of trust that leads to injuries.Bed Bugs in Daycare Centers and Child Care Centers

Bed bugs can be brought into a daycare center by children or parents.  Bed bugs can also make their way into the building if employees have bed bugs at home.  Employees, parents and children can bring bed bugs into the daycare center in their clothing or on their bodies.  Backpacks and bags are also known places for bed bugs to hitchhike on.  It is not possible to completely prevent bed bugs from entering a place.  However, it is the responsibility of the property owner to prevent an infestation from taking hold.

Bed Bug Bites Hurt Both Adults and Children

If bed bugs are in the daycare center, everyone there is at risk of being bitten or of bringing the bugs to their own homes. Your child may come home with itchy red bumps on his or her body bumps that look a lot like mosquito bites. The itching can be severe; leading to scratching, bleeding and possibly infections once the skin is broken.  Children have less self control than adults and will continuously scratch, leading to permanent scars.  Additionally, children do not have developed senses of hygiene and dirty hands can cause infected bites.  Children attacked by bed bugs have a higher chance of infection and scarring than adults.  Children are very vulnerable and should be protected at all costs.

Some adults and children have zero reaction to bed bug bites.  Others can have more severe allergic reactions. If you notice your child is experiencing severe symptoms like intense itching, swelling, difficulty breathing or vomiting, you should seek medical care immediately.  Bed bug bites usually appear within 24 hours of being bitten.  There are some reported cases that bed bug bite marks which appeared several days after the attack.  Depending on the victims specific sensitivity, bites can appear sooner or later.

No matter what the person’s age, bed bug bites can make life quite miserable for a time.  If the bed bug problem is not addressed, the victim can be bitten again and again until the bugs are eradicated.

Daycare Centers Have an Obligation to Provide a Safe Space

Daycare centers should be vigilant in identifying bed bugs and taking appropriate measures to eliminate bed bugs if they do appear. Sometimes businesses, including daycare businesses, do not take bed bugs as seriously as they should. Either through a desire to save money, or a lack of understanding, they may attempt to treat the problem themselves instead of bringing in a pest control professional.Bed Bugs in Daycare Centers and Child Care Centers

If your child’s daycare failed in its duty to protect your child from bed bugs through negligence, you have the right to pursue legal action. A successful lawsuit can not only win you damages for the injuries your child sustained, it can also send a firm message that daycare centers need to take appropriate measures to protect the children they watch over.

Let Us Help With Your Daycare Center Bed Bug Case

Our bed bug bite lawyers are extremely knowledgeable about bed bug law and can help you pursue legal action. We understand how upsetting it can be to see your child hurt through negligence. Let us help you set things right and get you the compensation you and your child deserve.

Please contact us now to learn more about your legal options as a bed bug bite victim.

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  1. I am not sure whether there are any laws that require it, but it certainly makes sense that they should. Day care centers will make reports of lice or chicken pox etc. Bed bugs being transmitted from the school to the children and then into your home is certainly a scary thought. If your home was infested by bed bugs and you can prove it was a result of your child’s exposure at a child care facility you may have a claim for injuries an property damage.

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