Bed Bugs in Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America is a publicly traded hotel owner and operator of hotels across the country. The hotel chain primarily focuses on guests that want to stay for more than the typical 2 to 3 nights. Extended Stay America owns and operates more than 700 hotels consisting of more than 75,000 rooms across the United States and Canada. Within their umbrella of properties, Extended Stay America owns Homestead Studio Suites, Hometown Inn, Extended Stay Deluxe, Studio Plus and Crossland Economy Studios to name a few. Bed bugs in Extended Stay America can be found and you should inspect your room.

Bed Bugs Claims in Extended Stay America

Most of the Extended Stay America’s properties are insured by American Insurance Group, also known as AIG. Normally, Extended Stay America reports bed bug claims to AIG within a reasonable time frame and shortly thereafter an AIG representative contacts one of our bed bug lawyers. From our law firm’s experience, Extended Stay America is careless in following their procedures and policies when it comes to the inspection for bed bugs at some of their properties. There are very few law firms, if any, that can match our experience of handling claims against Extended Stay America and their insurance carrier.

Bed Bugs in Extended Stay America

Resources for Finding Bed Bugs in Extended Stay America

We have a portion of our website dedicated to potential guests or guests that have stayed at an Extended Stay America and want to share their experience about bed bugs in Extended Stay America or learn about prior guests experiences. We fight every day to protect the rights of people injured by bed bugs, but there is a lot that can be learned from individuals sharing their experiences with others. Feel free to read the comments or post a comment below. Our bed bug lawyers will respond to comments posted. We welcome you to watch our video about bed bugs and Extended Stay America featuring Attorney Grant Schwarz.

Most victims of bed bug attacks wait until they hear back from a hotel or the hotel’s insurance carrier and in turn end up hurting their case. It is best to get a lawyer involved early with a bed bug claim rather than wait for a denial or say or do something that may damage your claim.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your claim. Fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or call us at 855-533-5552.

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26 thoughts on “Bed Bugs in Extended Stay America”

  1. I stayed at an Extended Stay in Washington D.C. I have been scarred physically from the bites as I am extremely allergic. I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 3k to get rid of them from my home.

    The attorney for AIG is trying to low ball me. I think I need an attorney.

    Can you help me?

  2. Stayed at the Crosslands and me, my sister and 2 kids got bitten. They didn’t reimburse anything, except to clean clothes. Insurance has called and sayed started claim. What do we need to do, all 4 have been put on antibiotics by doctor, have maybe over 30 or more bite marks.

  3. Frances

    You should contact one of our attorneys immediately for a free consultation so we can learn more about your claim. It is never a good idea to speak with an insurance adjuster or a representative of a potential defendant without first consulting an attorney or having an attorney present. We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. I’m a 68 year old female. I needed a place to stay ASAP. At the time I went to Extended Stay Anderson SC. I was there several weeks and the bites started. I informed the manager but he ignored the problem. It got so bad I was seen at the Dr.’s office several times for cream and antibiotics. The problem got worse and I was hospitalized for 9 days. Finally the manager woke up after I was admitted and saw the problem that he should have not ignored. I had to throw clothes and things away and the manager had to get rid of the mattresses they had in the rooms. I’m really worried for my safety and others that may have already been bitten due to laziness and ignoring the well-being of their customers. Something needs to be done before this happens to someone else. I have pictures of the beds and bites.

  5. I am at extended stay now and have been for three months. Neighbor across the hall found bed bugs on third floor, we never saw any however my service animal became very itchy and numourous scaby areas 3/4 weeks ago. This ext. stay started as they call a remodel and we all noticed a large containment area and it is privacy fenced with round the clock person as well as several rail cars so is this a real remodel or trying to get rid of bed bugs on the down low.

    We were moved to first floor I now have 20 or so bits my pet is ate up and he alerted me to a bed bug crawling acrossmy pillow last night I went on a bug hunt all pillows were full and mattress had a containment cover which had burn holes in it and zipper undone I am sick my neck is stiff knots from shoulder to base of my skull not sure if caused by bits or stress from not sleeping thinking there on me.

  6. PG,

    We strongly encourage you to go see a doctor immediately and get treatment for your symptoms. Secondly, check out of the hotel and find a new place to live as soon as possible. Report your observations and injuries to the local department of health. Lastly, feel free to give us a call for a no cost consultation.

  7. Checked into InTown Suites extended stay Tamarac Florida Commercial Blvd. 7-6-2015 thru 7-13-2015. Woke up 7/13 covered with over 70 plus bites. They knew since they offered to put my stuff in their industrial dryer and then said I had to go. Have gone to the doctor and have her report. Prescriptions were given. I have pictures of the bites on me and my husband. Had to throw away so many things that I bought brand new. Comforter, sheets, pillows so I could sleep on my own stuff. I am traumatized after this event. I have sent to one Lawyer but I am not happy with their lack of compassion plus no lawyer only the assistant has called me back and she was very rude. Please email me. I am in Florida. I have a day by day accounting saved in WORD documents plus a video and pictures of all the bites. I am reporting to the Health Department.

  8. I am at an extended in deerfield beach Florida I have put my blanket on the bed but I saw some bites on my back and tush what should I do

  9. We are available any time to discuss your claim. Please contact our office to discuss your bed bug incident.

  10. My name is Mark. Me and my girlfriend Natasha frequent Extended Stay all the time recently this weekend we stayed and woke up with severe bites me on my arm and hands which all swole also my back my girlfriend had severe bites on her arms face and lower legs and buttocks area we both are experiencing loss of appetite and adominal pain we went to the emergency room and was given antibiotics. We reported it to the front desk they mmediately change the room. I just feel depressed and helpless we both never experienced nothing like this in our lives

  11. Been in the extended Stay, I kept waking up with these painful itching bumps that look inflamed. I spoke to the manager she said they don’t have bedbugs. So after the next time of talking to her she went and check the room out. The room was clearly bed bug riden. I had to spend a next night in the room, in which I woke up with more bites on my body’. I went to the hospital which confirmed that it was bed bugs and prescribed medication. They eventually changed the room. I had to wash all my clothes in hot water and dry it on high heat. Due to this I suffer the lost of my cold weather and water proof gear. I can’t sleep because of the constant pain and itching. Please help me

  12. Please call our office to discuss your claim. This sounds like you have a claim against the extended stay.

  13. Extended Stay America bed bug bite injury cases are very common. Please let us know what city and state your bed bug bite injuries took place in so we can evaluate your potential claim.

  14. I’m in IL. Booked a room for 2 nights. Woke up with a bump and bites but did not know why. The following night saw and killed a bunch of bugs. Continuous Itching and pain. Feels as if they are inside my nose, ears and throat. Very traumatizing experience. Have just left the hotel at 3 a.m. with nowhere to go. Please help!

  15. My disabled brother and I live in an extended stay residential hotel. I’ve been there 13 months. I’ve had bed bugs now three times and have been moved three times, occupying a fourth room.

    The first time was 10 months ago. The maid found bed bugs and they moved me out, made me bag up all my clothes to be washed by them, made me give them the clothes I was wearing, and put me in another room.

    When I snuck back to the room to peek inside a few days later, I saw that they had set up a heat treatment and seemed to be taking care of the problem.

    I was itching and had a rash, but I had no idea it was from bed bugs. I see a psychiatrist and my antidepressants have a rash as a possible side effect and I thought that’s what it was. When I told my psychiatrist it was bed bugs, he advised me over the phone to use hydrocortisone cream, which I did. It stopped the itching and the rash, but I have discoloration and scars on my arm.

    Then, 2 months ago, after being in my new room for around 9 months, the maid once again reported bed bugs. This time I was asked to move to another room and told they would bag everything and wash it and bring my stuff to me later. This time they did NOT take the clothes I was wearing.

    After a week of hearing nothing and not getting any of my stuff back, I went down to the front desk and asked what was happening with my room. I was told to just keep waiting, that they’re working on it, and will bring my clothes soon.

    This went on for 4 weeks. I keep being told “soon, just wait.” I snuck back to the room and peeked in and saw that the room still looked exactly the same as when I left it 4 weeks prior. I asked an employee who had become a friend and he told me, “unofficially and off the record,” that they were not going to worry about the bed bug issue with my room until there are more bed bug cases for the pest control guy to handle, because they want to make it cost effective to bring the guy out for a service call!

    I went back down to the front desk the following morning and spoke to the assistant general manager and told her that everyday they delay in having the room treated is another day the hungry bed bugs go looking for food, which means the problem is going to spread to other rooms. She said she understood and agreed, and she left me back in the room to get the rest of my things and my clothes finally arrived that night.

    I discovered, however, that all of my books and most of my shoes, as well as my expensive flashlight is missing. I informed management and they said they don’t know anything about it. I didn’t know what to do about it so I dropped it while I think.

    I didn’t have but a handful of bites that I didn’t even notice until I looked for them, so I saw no need to go to the doctor this time.

    After being in my new room for 2 months, yesterday I got a call from management saying the maid says there are bed bugs AGAIN. The manager said that since this is my third occurrence in 4 rooms, in 13 months, that “obviously” I’m doing something to invest myself with bed bugs and that I now have to pay for treatment. I told them no way, that I followed procedure as given to me by them and I never agreed to pay for bed bugs.

    The manager said she told me last time that I would have to pay this time. This is a lie. I was never told that and would have objected if I had been. I never signed anything but receipts.

    I also told them I know for a fact that they did nothing to treat the bed bugs last time and deliberately waited for weeks to treat them. I also know that the online reviews for the place have people complaining anoit bed bugs for years. The manager said that was irrelevant. I told her I was calling a lawyer and hung up.

    The manager called me back and told me they would “work something out” if I can’t pay for the treatment.

    Now, the third time I moved out, again, they told me to let them wash everything and we can move back to the room after 3 days. This is the third time they’ve treated bed bugs and it’s the third version of treatment.

    I told them it was my understanding from the first time, and from what I read online, that it takes a heat treatment and a 2 week wait to kill all the bed bugs and their eggs before it’s safe to move back. I also saw the pest control guy walking to my room with a spray can. I don’t believe spraying works. Everything I’ve read says heat is the only viable treatment.

    Bottom line: I’m being charged for treatment I never agreed to pay, I’m out the cost of books and shoes, inconvenienced by moving 3 times, have permanent discoloration and scars, and I’m being charged for a treatment that won’t work.

    Why didn’t I just move? Not really an option. My brother is disabled and his options on housing are limited. We also have limited funds and can’t find anything cheaper. Additionally, my brother has a class B misdemeanor conviction that prevents us from renting very many places.

    I want to sue for damages from the inconveniences, the scars and discoloration, the negligence in treatment, and to prevent my being billed for their problem.

    Thank you.

  16. Cliff, this sounds like a horrible experience. Please contact us directly to discuss your potential claim. We will need to see photos of the bed bugs and any injuries you or your brother have suffered. You can visit to upload your photos. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

  17. Extended Stay America is a chain of hotels with properties in almost every state. We receive calls about bed bug injuries and infestations in Extended Stay America properties every week. What you are experiencing is not uncommon. In order to properly pursue a claim you will need to confirm that bed bugs are the cause of your injuries, otherwise the hotel may argue your injuries came from somewhere else. Please either call us or visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of evaluating your potential claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  18. Illinois endures just as many bed bug complaints as just about any other area in the midwest. We are prepared to review the facts of your particular bed bug attack to provide an opinion as to the strength of your potential claim. To better assist you, please either call us or visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of helping you evaluate your claim. Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  19. Hi Attorney Schwarz,
    My fiancé and I stayed at The Extended Stay America- Austin South Arboretum. We have been attacked by bedbugs and the bugs have infested all of our clothes, linens and furniture. We are deathly ill and I had to quit my job after ten days due to getting sick. The manager told us the room has been shut down and quarantined and that they found fleas in the room. We were definitely bitten by bedbugs. We will be getting an Orkin pest infection report emailed to us.
    I have tons of photos of the bedbugs themselves, our bites and clothing and the our linens. Travelocity gave me a refund for the hotel and the hotel wants us to speak to their insurance company, but we believe we need legal representation. I lost my job due to their negligence and we had to storm out of the room after our fevers became unbearable.
    Could you please contact me at (310) 634-4059. If you have a good email address I will send you all of our photos. We are still suffering and we can barely move. One of our friends visited us in the hotel room and he has bites and is suffering from flu- like symptoms right now . I’m trying to help my dad sell our home and I am incapacitated at this time. My fiancé is also in unbearable pain. Any info you could provide us with would be greatly appreciated!
    Katie Williams & Kyle Kirby

  20. Resident at Extended Stay America Bethlehem Allentown Pennsylvania. Children and I staying here for almost 1 year secondary to waiting to find rental property in area. Noticed bites pretty much right away. Didn’t want to believe it was bed bugs. Discovered it was. Reported to front desk moved to smaller room also with bed bugs. Orkin not treating rooms effectively. 3rd room also bed bugs! Withheld rent not comp by hotel now facing an eviction. Traumatized. Need lawyer!!!

  21. Tonight me and my wife decided to stay at extended stay America in orange county California.. because it was close to the beach for some get away time .. 1st problem with hotel are microwave didnt work .. next problem as my wife and I were laying in bed a bug from bed crawled on my neck.. then I saw bugs in bed they bite me in different parts of my body.. we told management they gave us a refund.. I video the bug crawling on bed .. I have bits all over I cant sleep I keep itching we checked in at 3pm and left at 1130pm …. this has caused me to have high anxiety… I’m pissed

  22. Curtis, Extended Stay America is a large chain of hotels with properties nationwide. We have represented many people who have been injured by bed bugs at Extended Stay America. Please give us a call direct or visit to fill out our case evaluation form where you can upload some photos of the injuries so we can evaluate your potential claim. Thank you again for contacting us.

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