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Holiday Inn is one of the more common hotel changes our bed bug attorneys receive complaints about. Holiday Inn happens to be owned by Intercontinental Hotels Group which is one of the largest publicly traded hotel chains in the world. There are more than 2,000 Holiday Inn locations across the globe.

From our experience of handling numerous bed bug cases, we find Holiday Inn to be disorganized in their inspection protocols and training of staff on how to identify signs of a bed bug infestation and how to prevent the spread of bed bugs. We have found in some cases, certain Holiday Inn locations have inspection procedures in place for the house keeping department or other critical hotel staff, but fail to abide by them. Please keep in mind that each Holiday is different and just because one Holiday Inn has bed bugs it does not mean all of their hotels have bed bugs.

We have created a form whereby you can post reviews or comments about Holiday Inn and your experience with bed bugs at one of their properties. Our bed bug lawyers respond to comments posted by our visitors. We welcome you to watch our video about bed bugs and Holiday Inn featuring Attorney Grant Schwarz.

Our team of bed bug attorneys have been successful in recovering compensation for past clients for the following:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Property damage, such as discarded clothing, luggage or toiletries
  • Lost wages
  • Professional pest extermination services
  • Reasonable out of pocket expenses associated with the bed bug infestation
  • Reimbursement for hotel stay

Over the years, our attorneys have gained valuable experience in bring claims and failing lawsuits against hotel chains across the country. We know exactly how Holiday Inn and their insurance carriers think and respond when it comes to bed bug claims. Whether you are considering pursuing a bed bug law suit, waiting for a decision from a hotel, or have been denied compensation, we are available to assist your with your bed bug claim against Holiday Inn anywhere in the country.

11 thoughts on “Holiday Inn”

  1. I need your help. I was attacked by bed bugs at the Holiday Inn in New Jersey this weekend. I will definitely call tomorrow, need a consultation! Itchy, ashamed and very unhappy.

  2. EC,

    We are sorry to hear you were attacked by bed bugs at the Holiday Inn. We look forward to hearing from you. Please remember to seek medical treatment and take good photos of the bites if you have not already done so.

  3. Ive gotten bed bugs from Holiday Inn Express in Mount Holly New Jersey on 10/16/15. So far my fiance has 20 bites, I have four and my 2 1/2 month old has one under her eye. We contacted your number and were told your lawyers would be in contact.

  4. My job i worked at i got bit by them and my apartment is messed up by the bedbugs please help possiably have to find a new place and replace everything

  5. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Gettysburg, PA Room 217. I received about 20 bed bug bites. Horrible experience since checking out this past Sunday.

  6. Jimmy, Thank you for contacting Bed Bug Law. We get thousands of calls about bed bug infestations in hotels including Holiday Inn Express. If you have encountered bed bugs while staying at a Holiday Inn Express visit to upload photos, videos and a summary of what happened to you. Once received, we can begin the process of evaluating and assisting you in filing a claim. Thank you for visiting Bed Bug Law and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

  7. My boyfriend and I stayed 2 nights at the Holiday Inn & Suites, University West, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. About a day or two later, at home, we found a few bugs. We had a pest control company come over and inspect our house. He said that we had the beginning of an infestation. I called the hotel and the manager there told me that their hotel has never had bed bugs and the only help he could give is that he will go inspect the room, after I told him that I wanted a professional to come out and inspect the hotel. He called back the next day and said that he inspected the room, with a witness and said that the room did not have bed bugs, which is what I expected him to say. I called corporate, and they were no help either. They said that the hotel manager would take care of this issue. They refused any type of help for us with this problem. Can you help us?

  8. Checked into the Holiday Inn Hotel 2725 Graves Rd, Tallahassee on Friday, Oct 11, 2019 with my daughter. I woke up on Sat, Oct 12, 2019 and my daughter had a bug in her bed, I killed the bug and then I took it to the front desk with my daughter at 7:30 AM. Amaree told me to wait, so I did. Then came back and she told me that there was no manager on site and I will be contacted in an hour. I sat in the lobby with my daughter for an hour with no help and left at 8:30 due to daughter’s cross country race started at 9am. I called several times, no help. Finally, at 5:00 PM, Jonathon called to tell me the GM Heather Folgery might call me on Tuesday about the problem. I have called the 800 number to complain and here it is over 24 hours later and nothing! No one has contacted me or cares. Checked the DBPR website a complaint was filed on 8/5/2019.

  9. Bandee, Thank you for contacting our office. We are happy to provide a free case evaluation. Simply visit to upload photos and any other documents or information which may be helpful in evaluating your potential claim. Holiday Inn Hotel bed bug claims are fairly common. Bigger hotel chains with high traffic tend to have higher instances of bed bug infestations and injuries as a result. The more people visit a property, the greater the risk that bed bugs will be brought there. Nobody brings bed bugs to a hotel on purpose, its simply a part of the hotel industry. The issue will be whether the hotel had notice of the bed bug infestation prior to your stay, what type of treatment and pest management protocols the hotel has and what training if any is given to the staff. All of this takes time to gather. Please contact us as quickly as possible so we can properly evaluate your case.

  10. Marie, Holiday Inn bed bug injury claims are similar to any other hotel anywhere in the country. If you believe you were bitten by bed bugs and that the hotel is at fault, we are happy to provide a free case review.

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