Lake Buena Vista Bed Bug Claim Settles

Recent Bed Bug Injury Client discusses her experience with Bed Bug LawLake Buena Vista Bed Bug Claim Settles

A mother and son suffered a Lake Buena Vista Bed Bug Hotel incident.  After a long period of work and negotiations, we were able to successfully settle this claim.  This is an actual statement from our client about her experience working with Bed Bug Law.

“My experience working with Grant I. Schwarz and his assistant Paola D. Aramayo was a very great experience. I contacted the office when I was at a point of just giving into what the insurance company wanted to give me which wasn’t much. Grant assured me he would try his best to give my son what he deserved.  Attorney Grant Schwarz he kept his word which I am extremely grateful for.  Dealing with a hotel bed bug infestation and related injuries was very hard for me.  To make matters worse, I was traveling to Lake Buena Vista, Florida for vacation with my son.  I live in Brooklyn and my case was in Florida.”

“I did not know what to do, but Grant and Paola helped me through everything and I finally received my check yesterday.  After a ruined vacation to Florida, my son and I can finally have the trip we wanted.  Grant was able to obtain a settlement for my sons injuries and property damage.  On a scale from 1-10 I give Attorney Grant Schwarz and his team a 10.  I would absolutely recommend them in the future.”

Lake Buena Vista Bed Bug Injuries in HotelsLake Buena Vista Bed Bug Claim Settles

The family involved in this case asked that their names not be listed online.  Further, the exact terms and payment on this claim are confidential as part of the settlement agreement.  Out of respect for our clients privacy we will not release the names, but we can discuss the facts surrounding their experience.  Our investigation of this incident revealed that in August of 2016, Mother and Son, checked into a Lake Buena Vista, Florida hotel.

During the first night of their stay, Son was awakened to an itchy sensation all over his body.  His mother turned on the lights and was horrified to find hives breaking out across his face, chest, back, hands, and arms.  Mother immediately began investigating the bed and pulled back the sheets.  When the sheets were pulled back, Mother found bed bugs crawling all over the bed.  This information was reported to hotel management.

Mother and Son traveled to this Lake Buena Vista hotel to experience the local attractions.  As a result of his injuries, Son could not be in the sun, could not go in the pool, and could not go to any of the local theme parks.  Instead, he had to spend his Florida vacation in a hospital getting treatment and prescriptions for the injuries he received.Lake Buena Vista Bed Bug Claim Settles

 In addition to the almost 100 bed bug bites, Mother and son discarded almost $1,000.00 worth of their property.  Medical bills for the injuries reached several thousands dollars.  The situation was horrible for this family.  However, after months of investigation and negotiating with the Lake Buena Vista, Florida Hotel, a bed bug injury lawsuit was avoided.  The settlement amount is confidential.

Ways to avoid Lake Buena Vista Bed Bugs while traveling

While traveling whether it is for business or pleasure, the last thing on your mind is Bed Bugs.  Bed Bug Law is a Nationwide Law Firm specializing in Bed Bug Claims.  If you carefully follow the tips below, you can minimize the risk of coming into contact with Bed Bugs.  There are many places where you can come into contact with bed bugs. Here are some easy ideas that may help you while traveling.

  1. Less is always better.  Take only the items you will need to use during your trip
  2. Zip-Loc Bags – Pack all your toiletries in plastic zip-loc bags.Lake Buena Vista Bed Bug Claim Settles
  3. Large garbage bags are very useful to store worn/dirty clothes.
  4. Always inspect your hotel room prior to bringing any of your luggage and belongings in.
  5. You should always inspect the beds.  Start by turning back the comforter, sheets and mattress pads and look for bed bug fecal spots, bed bugs, and eggs in seam line of mattresses and between mattress and box springs.
  6. Check behind headboards and curtains, bed bugs can hide anywhere.
  7. Check the crevices in the sofa and/or any chairs in the room.
  8. Most hotel rooms will have a luggage rack.  Place suitcases on the luggage racks or on the bathroom tile NOT on the floor or the bed.
  9. Worn/Dirty Laundry should always be placed an airtight bags and not back in the suitcase.

If you believe you were in contact with bed bugs while at a hotel:

  1. Once you arrive at home, leave your luggage outside.
  2. If at all possible, DO NOT bring your luggage into the home.
  3. Remove all items outside your home and inspect for bed bugs before bringing anything into your home.
  4. Immeditately wash all of your lcothing in hot water and place in the dryer at the highest heat setting for at least minutes.
  5. Any clothing that cannot be laundered at home should be brought to a professional cleaner.
  6. Items suspected to be infested with bed bugs should be put into sealed garbage bags and left outside in the sun for up to 2 days.
  7. Heat kills bed bugs.

Following these steps will help avoid bed bugs in a hotel room and especially from bringing unwanted bed bugs to your home.  If you were a guest at a Lake Buena Vista Hotel and were attacked by bed bugs, contact our office for a free case evaluation.

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