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Ms. Mob, our client, was attacked by bed bugs nearly 90 times while staying at a lodge in Hollywood, Florida. Ms. Mob checked in on April 8, 2014. When she woke up on the morning of April 9, 2014, she noticed a couple of bites on her arm. At first, Ms. Mob thought the bites were from mosquitoes.

Later in the day, when Ms. Mob returned to the lodge and was relaxing in her room, she observed a little bug on her arm. She flicked it off and continued to relax. A couple of hours later, Ms. Mob observed many more bites on her body. Ms. Mob had no idea what was biting her just like many other victims of bed bug-related injuries.

She then went to the reception desk and showed her bites to the front desk attendant. The attendant played it off like Ms. Mob’s bites were no big deal. The next morning, when Ms. Mob awoke, she had many more bed bug bites on her body. These attacks by bed bug bites were very inflamed and itchy. Scared that she was having an allergic reaction, Ms. Mob went to the emergency room at Memorial Hospital.

While at the emergency room, Ms. Mob learned her bites were caused by bed bugs. Upon learning this from the emergency room doctor, Ms. Mob was disgusted. The treating physician prescribed oral antibiotics and creams to treat her injuries.

Ms. Mob contacted our office and immediately retained our service. Within weeks, we had the insurance adjuster for the lodge at our office to conduct an in-person statement. After completing his evaluation, the insurance adjuster made an offer to Ms. Mob which was several thousands of dollars. Within a few hours of the initial offer, we were able to resolve Ms. Mob’s bed bug claim. Ms. Mob was very pleased with the sizable settlement received and our strategic approach in getting the most out of her recovery.

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