What To Do If You’ve Found Bed Bugs in a Disney Hotel

Disneyland, Disney World and the Disney properties are popular destinations across the world and especially in the United States. Parents look forward to taking their children and their families to Disney properties and stay in Disney Hotels within Anaheim, California or Orlando, Florida. These Disney hotels see hundreds of thousands of guests a year because of their convenience and location to Disney parks.

Unfortunately, with the significant movement in these hotels, come bed bug infestations. Bed bugs cling on clothes and other garments and then latch onto beddings, mattress and bed frames. Bed Bug Law has seen many bed bug cases in hotels where there are large bed bug infestations that hotels do not address and ultimately, Disney and hotel owners are responsible for ensuring that their hotels are clean and bed bug free.

What To Do If You've Found Bed Bugs in a Disney Hotel

How to Make Sure You Found Bed Bugs in a Disney Hotel

If you are planning on staying in a Disney hotel or any hotel for that matter, make sure you properly inspect your room after check-in. Bed bugs are small, brown and red insects that feast on human blood for their survival. They know how to hide and limit themselves from plain sight. Here’s a diagram that better breaks down their appearance –

What To Do If You've Found Bed Bugs in a Disney Hotel

Here are the steps we recommend you take before checking-in to a hotel –

  1. Leave your luggage and any belongings out in the hall OUTSIDE and AWAY from your room.
  2. Strip the beds of any sheets or linens.
  3. Get a flashlight and inspect the stripped bed and any dark, un-lit areas within the room closely.
  4. If you found bed bugs, attempt to capture them in a bag and take photos/videos with your phone.
  5. Notify management and document your interactions.

If you have woken up and found red welts on your body or any of your family members, it’s possible you have been bitten by bed bugs and you may be eligible for compensation. Bed bugs in a Disney hotel are more common than you might think. See the photo below as an example of what bed bug bites look like –

What To Do If You've Found Bed Bugs in a Disney Hotel

Contact Bed Bug Law, the Bed Bug Injury Attorneys

Bed bugs infestations can happen at any hotel, including at a Disney property. If you have found bed bugs in a Disney hotel or if you have suffered injuries as a result of a bed bug infestation, contact us. You may be eligible for compensation.

Bed Bug Law offers a completely free Case Evaluation to all who have suffered bed bug bites at a Disney hotel. In fact, we do not charge a fee unless we win your case. Fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form or call us at 855-533-5552 to speak to an attorney.

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