Are Bed Bugs In My Hotel Room?

Experienced Bed Bug Attorney Discusses Signs of Bed Bug Infestations in Hotel Rooms

Do’s and Don’ts when you think you have bed bugs in your hotel room. Make sure to fully explore to learn more about bed bugs, what they look like and where to find them.Are Bed Bugs In My Hotel Room?

If you wake up with an itchy rash or bite marks on your body, do not panic. Try to rule out other potential causes of the marks on your body.   Things like allergic reactions to detergents, reactions to certain fabrics, folliculitis, scabies or bites from other insects. Sometimes bite marks that appear to be bed bug bites can turn out to be one of these other things. Without a lot of evidence, doctors are not able to properly diagnose bed bug bites specifically. Doctors will often diagnose “insect bite” when evaluating your injuries.

What to do if I suspect bed bugs in my hotel room?

If you suspect there are bed bugs in your hotel room, do not panic. Bed bug bite reactions vary from insignificant to severe. The reaction depends on each person’s own body chemistry. The red itchy welts that appear after being bitten by a bed bug are the result of an allergic reaction. Some people will not react at all. In fact, experts believe that up to 70 percent of the population experience no reaction from bed bug bites at all. If you are sharing a hotel room with another person, this means that either of you can be bitten, but only one or neither will show bite marks. This is one of the reasons some bed bug infestations go undetected at hotels. Most people do not show bite marks and have no idea they have been bitten by bed bugs.

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are small round, reddish brown insects with 6 legs and antennae. They can be difficult to pick up because they are flat. Bed bugs who have recently consumed a blood meal will have slightly bulging Are Bed Bugs In My Hotel Room?  midsections. Be careful when trying to scoop up a recently fed bed bug. Recently fed bed bugs have a tendency to pop causing recently consumed blood to splatter out. Keep the bugs you have found. Showing the actual bed bugs to hotel management or housekeeping is important to prove that the bed bugs were in the room. It is fairly easy to identify a bed bug upon sight. However, it is not always the case that you will see a bed bug when searching for them. Depending on the time of day you are looking, the bed bugs could be hiding in furniture or under baseboards. Do not assume that you will see a lot of bed bugs; sometimes victims don’t see a single bug. In those cases, we need to rely on other evidence to determine if bed bugs are present.

Where do I look for bed bugs?

Don’t assume bed bugs are only going to be found in the hotel room bed. Bed frames, mattresses and box springs are the most common locations for bed bugs. However, bed bugs will infest anywhere they can get a blood meal. Experts will tell you to start searching for bed bugs anywhere a person could potentially sleep. The thought process makes sense. If a person is sleeping in a bed and is getting bit, they will be uncomfortable. The guest may not realize that bed bugs are to blame and simply think something is wrong with the bed. Some guests will seek out another place to sleep, like a couch or an armchair. This will only spread the bugs to the new location. This happens in hotels as well as when bed bugs enter the home.

Signs of a hotel bed bug infestation

There are many red flags that indicate a current bed bug infestation, or a recent one. Be on the look out for live bed bugs. As described above, they are visible to the naked eye and will often be seen crawling along the seams of furniture. This is their way of attempting to stay out of sight. If you see any live bed bugs, immediately capture it, take photos of it and show the live bug to hotel management. You should insist that an incident report be made, and have maintenance or housekeeping come to the room to investigate. Insist that you are present during the investigation and take photos or videos if you can.

If you notice small black spots or dots on the sheets, mattress or box spring, this is another indicator of bed bug activity. The black spots are known as “fecal spotting” and are the droppings from a bed bug after it has consumed a blood meal. Take photos and show housekeeping. You can either demand your room be changed, or check out altogether.Are Bed Bugs In My Hotel Room?

Shed bed bug casings, or skins are also going to be present if there is a significant infestation. While a bed bug is growing to adulthood, it will continue to feed and grow. When growing, a bed bug will “molt” or shed its outer skin and leave it behind.   Presence of shed bed bug casings is a clear sign that the room has an active infestation, or a recent one. The fact that bed bug casings are being found is also an indicator that the room is not being properly cleaned, which is disturbing.

When to hire a Bed Bug Attorney

If you suspect your hotel room is infested with bed bugs, or if you have been injured by bed bugs while staying at a hotel, contact us today.  The best time to contact a bed bug attorney is while you are still in the hotel, or shortly after you have checked out.  We can help you gather the evidence you  need to present your injury claim to management.  The staff at Bed Bug Law knows how to properly investigate and build your case to recover compensation for your injuries.  Bed bugs can wreak havoc on your life, do not allow the hotel to victimize you twice by failing to provide you with compensation.  Contact us today.

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  1. Me and my Family stay in a hotel in Southgate mi. Myself and grand-daughter have bite marks all over our arms a legs. My daughter and myself stayed up until 4 am spraying and killing bed bug eggs. Cant sleep due to being bitten. On top of we have Rats and mice throught out the whole hotel. All the rooms have bed bugs

  2. Delena, what hotel are you staying in? Please contact us about your bed bug injury claim in Michigan. Michigan has a higher rate of bed bug injuries in recent years and is still on the rise. please contact us or visit to upload photos and additional information which could help us evaluate your potential claim.

  3. What does it mean when a lawyer tell you they received an acknowledgement letter from the insurance company and instead of suing they is going to work with them .

  4. Delana, an acknowledgement letter could simply be the insurance company informing the attorney that they are aware that there is a potential claim pending. A lawyer will usually attempt a settlement negotiation against the insurance company instead of filing a lawsuit right away. There are a lot of advantages to this. Jumping right into a lawsuit can be premature and result in increased expenses among other things. If you currently have a claim, we would be happy to discuss it with you. Keep in mind, if you already have a lawyer, we may not be able to discuss certain things. If you are already represented by an attorney, you should be able to speak with them and find out what their strategy is about your particular case.

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